Welcome to Soulphoria!

You, lovely being, have found your way to my Soulphoria page. I’m thrilled to connect with you!

I have been in love with all things mystic since I was a little girl. Although as a child you would often find me tea-partying with entities, the actual tidal waves of past life recollections began in my 30s and have continued to surprise me to the present day. 

The cosmos have brushed up against me, teasing me into listening. Flaunting its knowledge like a seductress filled with wisdom.   Knowing.  Guidance. 

My life has been blessed with numerous beautiful events.  And of course many challenges as well, in every key area of life (from an abusive marriage and divorce,bankruptcy, to overcoming brain cancer). Each of these  teaching me the valuable lessons that just because you are tapped in and “spiritual” doesn’t mean you are protected from bad things (or else you wouldn’t be living the life you were meant to.) Bad things can – and do – happen to good people, and one of my goals for your Soulphoria experience is to help to make you stronger when facing life’s challenges.

My formal experience and training include Shamanic studies from teachers such as Sandra Ingerman and Christina Pratt, Qi Gong, with Master Mingtong Gu and Dr. Janke, Counselling Hypnotherapy and Therapeutic Touch.

2010 – 2020, saw myself and my husband living in 7 different countries, and being able to explore life from various perspective, savoring the unique cultures, food, and spiritual beliefs of each area.

I’ve been a business owner (owning a wellness center in downtown Vancouver) a business executive (filling a global CMO role) and spiritual guide (helping people discover a Soulphoric life!)

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(connecting with ancient ways in Ephesus, present day Turkey)