Book Reviews

"Soulphoria is pure transmission! The radiance of Alessandra’s love, passionate sensuality and lightness of being ignites the heart, and invokes the spirit. She has given birth to a multi-faceted jewel that serves as a portal to profound healing and transformation on cellular and energetic levels. Soulphoria will certainly be my companion."
Diana Richardsona
Best Selling Author : "The Heart Of Tantric Sex"
"This is a beautifully written book that honors the somatic experience of a spiritual journey. Reading these pages was like a warm homecoming celebration; a coming home to self. The writing and content speaks to the spiritual novice and more seasoned traveler, as well. It’s a book written with love to teach us how to love ourselves, as souls on the path and as female. There are many exercises to assist in the journey and Alessandra shares her insights and experiences in a very personal way. I am so pleased to bear witness to this wonderful offering of love to the world"
Bernadette Pleasant
Founder: "The Emotional Institute"
"Soulgasms is a book unlike any other. It is music to the soul; a soothing balm to the fretful mind. To date I have been on my spiritual path for ten years. I have read countless books about spirituality and assumed this would be like many others which I have encountered. Needless to say, I was very wrong! Alessandra words are so deeply moving they are almost like poetry. Each one conjures up vivid imagery and helps you connect deeply to the messages within the book. Alessandra has managed to write a book for both beginner and advanced spiritual practitioner alike. It takes the reader through each practice in a cohesive manner, which is wonderful for those who are new to the spiritual journey. But, alongside this, there is a whole new way of connecting to both Spirit and the soul that other books have not touched upon. A deeper, more practical manner that allows the reader to develop a strong relationship to Source but also to themselves.Alessandra helps to understand ourselves- body, mind and soul. Each practice is a tangible and hands on way to nurture this relationship.

I absolutely loved Soulgasms and I feel it's a book that should be on everyone's bookshelf. It's one that I will turn to time and time again to help me continue to develop my spiritual journey."
Katie Oman
Best Selling Author , "Self-Love Pledge: How Learning to Love Myself Led to True Happiness"
"This is a book that’ll guide you back to your most powerful self, all while showing you how to lean into and receive support from your body, mind, soul, and of course, the earth and universe. You’ll feel free and empowered after reading this book, more easily able to guide yourself back into your centre and feel the peace that this brings."
Cassie Mendoza-Jones
Bestselling Author of "You Are Enough"
"This book is a call to embody as you -- the true, powerful, sensual, wise you. Rather than just thinking about it, Alessandra invites you to feel it, play with it, experience it. Have you always longed to have a life that expresses who you really are more fully? Read Soulphoria! "
Jacob Nordby
Author of “The Creative Cure: How Finding and Freeing Your Inner Artist Can Heal Your Life”
"A practical guide to exploring and anchoring the eternal light of the soul, Soulgasms offers readers easy, useful exercises to explore the beauty, treasure and power of divine wisdom through easily accessible means. The author's heart-centered poetry is an additional inspiring resource to this book of radiant self-love."
Carole J. Obley
Author of “ Wisdom from the Spirit World"
"“Alessandra’s work is heart-centered immersion into the deepest experience of being. It calls you into the depths of intuitive insight where you can discover the ecstasy of communion with life itself."
Kim Chestney
Author, "Radical Intuition"