Em(body)ing the Soul

The C Experience

I don’t recall the day I found out I had cancer, I think the trauma was so intense that I blanked out, lost all memory. It’s amazing what you experience when you discover you have a walnut-sized tumor growing in your brain.  

I recall thinking “Was I in a car accident?”, “Did someone hit me?” But no, it was just my body rebelling.  And now a year on from my cancer diagnosis I look back and can finally say I understand, and although I am grateful for the changes this traumatic experience brought. I would never ever want to go through this again.

A Message from Soul to my Mind (during this experience)

I won’t lie to you and tell you this will be an easy experience. It will however be life-changing, but this is something you can’t force. It is going to take time for you to heal and move past this stage and potentially much longer to eventually heal the scar residue and remnants remaining. But I know that you are strong, fierce, and courageous enough to beat this. That you have the strength and the will power to go beyond this roadblock in life.

From alessandra’s soul to her mind

Simply put, My C experience was terrifying, I had so many ups and downs, of trusting and then burying myself deep inside of the shadows within me to hide from everything including the light.

But a few things helped me get through my cancer experience and come out healed.

When you’re going through changes and challenges whether emotional or physical, (or just in general) consider these:

  1. Surround yourself not only with people who love you, but also believe in you. They must believe in the power you have to heal, the strength you have to fight this and your own resolve to win this.
  2. Don’t blame yourself. This is not your fault.
  3. Stay active and social. You may want to hide out from the world. But that won’t help you get through this. By hiding away, slipping in your own precious state of depression, anxiety or fear, listening to your own bad talk, this is what can destroy your sanity and resolve to win this. By keeping your activities and social relationships alive, you will  help yourself feel normal and move through this process with a deeper sense of well-being.
  4. Realize that food is a nourishment. That everything you put into your body can impact your opponent – helping or hindering it – so by seeing what you eat as natural medicine you will become more aware of what will help fuel your body and make it able to fight this.
  5. Be open and unashamed to accept professional care. My doctors were amazing and sometimes we need that extra help.
  6. Move your body! I fell back in love with yoga, especially through Yoga with Adrienne. I started by doing her 30 day challenges, and am now up to 3 classes of hers a day. Amazing way to get healthy and prepare the body for Soulgasms.
  7. Decide and relax into the fact that it’s going to be OK.

And although I would never want to experience cancer again, I can say that I now understand why my path led me to this experience.

I’ve changed on a cellular and energetic level. Not only has my physical side become a priority (which I know now to love and care for like I would a small child), but also my emotions have opened up. I’m more fluid and flowing, and life has become more vibrant.

I’ve fallen in love with the textures of life.  Plus it has redirected me back to my path of writing and sharing myself with the world around, I’ve achieved Soulgasm.

Perhaps it’s your turn?