Em(body)ing the Soul

GoodBye 2020… You Weren’t All Bad

As we’re coming up to the end of 2020. I’m seeing a lot of the same sentiment floating around “Good riddance to you 2020!”  Followed, bey the usual rush to create New Years resolutions and goals. 

But this year, I’d like to challenge each one of us to approach the upcoming year differently. Let’s start off with a bit of gratitude before jumping to your goals. Let’s honestly look at 2020 and share 3 positive accomplishments, experiences, changes, self discoveries that you’ve had!

By inventorying the positive things that have happened to you, you:

  1. Show appreciation to the cosmos and your soul self – this in itself can trigger more beautiful things to come your way. Think of it this way, when you give a gift to someone and they brush it off with a “thanks but now I want”… or a “what’s next” or even a “meh”… you probably would be less likely to gift something to that person again.
  2. Cleanse yourself of the negativity – there is so much hatred towards 2020. You don’t want to carry that energy forward with you into 2021. By recognizing that there was in fact light (your positive outcomes) within the darkness (2020), you help to release on a subconscious level the shadow energy from your system which would have accumulated through the frustrations you’ve felt.
  3. My favorite!!: Recognize your own accomplishments – which will empower you and instill confidence in you as you step into 2021.

Let’s make 2021 an awesome year! (full of Soulgasms!) To do that let’s start by forgiving 2020 for what it brought, and embracing any of the gems found within it.

Have a few you can think of? Share them!!