Mystic Musings

Mystic Musing: Formless One

When the wind whistles at night
Moves the trees in a romantic dance
Making the leaves look like they are mating
I know the storm is coming
and I start to prepare

My clothing is heavy
Weighted on my shoulders
The fur lining brushing softly against my skin
and in my deep red cloak
I feel the shift from Female to God

I become my Mother
The power of my Ancestors flow through me
And the blood of my veins is pure energy
I am Magick.

My name is Syhriella
LaSia is what my families call me
It is what I am to those who know me
and who I am at Play

But who I am to me yet to be formed
For in my mind and heart I am yet void

Nothingness is not
Lightness is empty
But the void is so full, It overwhelms me

I do not exist
I am a hermit to myself
I am not yet Formed
and in that Formless state, I am Me
and all things to those who surround Me

I am a Place others journey to for solace
A seekers Oasis for answers
A sexual Escape for the divine within you
A Gateway to uncover your own soul.

I am a location
But not yet a being

I am a Formless one.