Mystic Musings

Mystic Musing: Chaos

Lies don’t live here

While truth can’t bear to breathe the air.

Darkness mingles

Amidst the nights light.

I am fruitless

Yet my rewards are full

I am nothing

And everything speaks of me.

The wind whispers

The rain sings

The snow dances

And the waves storm

My name

I am fire

Residing within your eyes

Flowing within your veins

Dancing within your hearts

Resting within your souls

{I am your connection to all that is

I am your sever to all that be}

No one knows my name

For I have none

Yet I am known

In each breath of man

The sun bows

The moon applauds

The heavens sing

While hell dances

And in the middle I am chaos

Home in my lost space

Of time

That holds no passing

For I am only