Mistress of Mysticism

How to Find Your Center?

To get the most from this experience we’re about to embark on together, it’s important for you to learn a few key things that will help you, these being:

  1. Finding your center
  2. Quieting your mind
  3. How to have a self love affair

So let’s start with point 1: Your center is your safe space within your body.

It is the place where you can go to when you need to calm yourself, protect your energy field, or simply relax and be. It can also help you when others around you are worked up or stressed so you are less impacted by their frenetic energy. In my household, we both work from home, it can get pretty chaotic in our space, literally working from our dining room table. Finding my center helps me to realign within and not get lost in any frenetic energies.

Once you’ve found your center you can return to it as you need to.

Let’s Dive In Deeper Together:

  1. Find yourself somewhere you can have a few moments to yourself. We’re going to go on a bit of journey inwards.
  2. Relax into a comfortable position. You can lie down, sit up or even stand. (I often like to do this outdoors to also use the power of nature).
  3. Start by focusing on your breath.  On your inhale feel your breath being pulled in.  Now notice you exhale. Do this for about 5 breaths.
  4.  Feel your third eye turn inwards, towards yourself. You may also wish to close your eyes at this stage.
  5. Place your hands on your belly.
  6. Feel the rise and fall of your stomach as you breathe.
  7. Allow your shoulders to relax down your back.
  8. Bring your attention to your physical form until you feel your body. Picture yourself diving deep into the depths of your being.
  9. Relax and breathe.
  10. Now ask yourself which part of you holds your power and energy center? 
  11. Notice which part of your being stands out or feels like it holds additional energy.
  12. Allow your consciousness to move to that area and feel like you are snuggling up within it.
  13. Breathe.
  14. Enjoy the sensation of being connected to your core..
  15. Lock it in.   Remember this feeling so you can return to it again.

My power center is in my hips,  the sacral chakra area. Your power center may be in a different part of your body. Go with it, don’t judge it. (no judgement allowed during this entire process!) Whatever reveals itself to you, trust it. Distrust can create thick curtains that hides our own truths. We want to remove that curtain to be able to connect with our soul self.

A few tools I will often incorporate in include:

  • My shamanic drum. Monotonous drumming has been proven to increase the power the alpha and theta frequencies of the listener. This can allow you to trance out easier.
  • Lighting a candle or incense can help you shift your  space easier, this is often used in journeying to set the mindset and space before you dive in.

(Thank you to for the use of her beautiful art! Watch for her images in the upcoming book)