Mistress of Mysticism

The Divine “I”

From Soulphoria,Part 5: Becoming a Mistress of Mysticism

The Divine I

“Hey, you, beautiful, down there on your knees…

What are you doing?Who are you talking to?

Why are you kneeling?” Spirit asked.

“I’m praying,” replied the woman, eyes meek.

“Ahhh… praying… so you’re talking at yourself?” the Spirit asked,head tilted.

“No, I’m talking to God.”

Spirit looked perplexed.“Are you not a Goddess? Are you not a Creator?”

The woman looked up at Spirit stunned, stressed, embarrassed.“No, I’m just a human being.”

Spirit nodded as it turned away from her.“And thus you will stay until your eyes open, and you finally seewhat you could be.”

The woman got off her knees and followed Spirit. “I am what I am,” she called to it.”

“No, you are what you believe,” it called back continuing to moveaway from her.

“Stop,” she cried, panic filling her body as Spirit continued to fade quickly.

Colors swirling, Spirit turned and looked at her, waiting.

The woman whispered “I want to be what you want me to be.”

Spirit smiled and looked closer at her,

“Don’t you recognize me? I am you.”

All your life she has been waiting for the moment you’d remember her, you’d remember you.

From Soulphoria, A Provocative and Practical Approach to Spirituality. Part 5: Becoming a Mistress of Mysticism By Alessandra Sagredo