What is Soulphoria?

Imagine an orgasm, the blood pumping, sensations heightened, the explosion a moment holding heaven within its grasp.  Now times this by at least 3 fold – a euphoric fire roaring throughout your entire system until it burns forth and leaves a beautiful spiraling mark on the world around.  This is Soulphoria.  A sensation that brings forth exhilaration, aliveness and completeness.  The feeling of perfection in the now.  

Soulphorias are those moments when your entire etheric and physical make up are in alignment.  It can happen during meditation, on the dance floor, rolling under the covers with a lover or simply going for a walk.  

In the moment of Soulphoria the channel of energy that flows from your Spirit is unhindered.  The bridge to carry this flow of energy between the Spirit and Soul, Spirit and Body, Spirit and Mind have no self created obstacles.  

To reach the state of fulfilled bliss takes the opening and cooperative channels of mind, body and soul.  Each one forming a bridge for the energy of your Spirit to fly forth like a phoenix and burn brightly in the now.  To represent passion for who you are and what you are savouring in that moment.  It is simple yet complex.  It is a web of divine bliss.   Of heat that sears through you yet does not burn, but instead fuels your aliveness.  It is life at its prime. 

(Thank you to for the use of her beautiful art! Watch for her images in the upcoming book)