Spiritual Striptease

Spiritual Hamster Wheels

From Soulphoria, Part 3: The Spiritual Striptease

Around and around we go, where we stop, only our fears will know. The spinning, twisting, whirling, of the spiritual ego. The ego can take truths and spin them around until they sound like lies.

Let’s take honesty. Lies stem from the fear of telling the truth. When someone lies, they’re usually hiding a deeply buried fear of facing something about themselves, so they craft a well thought-out story in self-preservation.

Regardless, lies are born from fear.
We know we cannot heal another person’s fear. In fact, the more we coddle them and allow them to hold that fear, the more they will nourish that fear creating space for it to grow.

Yet, fear is our responsibility. When you clear your own fears and blocks, you can free yourself from the teachings that would lead you astray. You can escape the hamster wheel and evolve yourself.

If you want a healthy body, your brain must communicate clearly with your cells.
It’s a living breathing organism which must work as a unit.
If we want a healthy relationship, we must have honesty.
The same goes for spirituality. Foster that inner alignment and don’t get caught up spinning lies to yourself. Your own or anyone else’s.

When you hide the truth, you take a choice away from
another being. You remove their right to make a clear decision due to your fear.

You block that person from growing with their true experiences and expanding themselves. You remove the right with your deceit. Why? Out of fear.

You don’t have to untangle anybody else in order to free yourself. Any spiritual teacher can twist and turn their own agenda or cover it in wordy icing to make it sound like they know the truth. However, when you trust your inner authority, you’ll be able to see through all that.