Divine Winks (Synchronicity) – A Practice

From Soulphoria, Part 1: Flirtation of Cosmos

Take a moment and list out three times you’ve experienced synchronicity (positive or negative). When you start to appreciate what shows up, more and more will come. You can pull more positive synchronicity into your life:

1. Recognize when you have an experience that could be synchronistic.

2. Recognize the positive impact it has had on your life.

3. Thank the universe or element or guides (whomever you work with) for this gift.

4. Make space within your energy field to receive more.

Often the most forgotten is number 4. The ability to make space in your life and allow the universe to do the work. If you’re like most people (including myself) you probably feel like you need to be going, going, going – forgetting that rest is also part of the formula. It’s important that we allow the Universe to do its part, and we know and embrace that it will all work out.

Letting go of how it will all unfold is necessary too since, if we hold on too tight to how it SHOULD look, we are not giving free rein to the Universe to weave its magic. Making space can be done by doing yoga (imagine each stretching sensation is creating space within you), deep breathing (with every exhale, release), and being in stillness(or meditation), feeling yourself opening, softening to receiving.

The Cosmos are flirting with you (perhaps even right now), so start flirting back by seeing the synchronistic events happening in your life and blowing them a kiss to say thanks.

From Soulphoria, A Provocative & Practical Approach to Spirituality (filled with teachings, real world experiences and practices to help you connect with and live blissfully through your Soul Self).