Em(body)ing the Soul

Why Touching Yourself is a Sexy, Soul-Filling act of Self-Love.

It’s the soul-filled experience of truly, deeply, and entirely making love to the self. 

It’s that heart-wrenching feeling of knowing yourself and soul in the most intimate of ways. It’s coming out of your essence with the gift of orgasm and sending energy into your life for bliss, being, and love. The authentic experience of physical and spiritual of self-love.

Yes, I’m talking about masturbation. 

For those of you with a slight tinge coloring your cheeks, relax with me. Take a deep breath and realize that this is a powerful channel for self-knowing and love. To experience your physical body through touch is a way of learning how this amazing vehicle loves to be honored, plus it brings a gift of pleasure to your Soul Self.

When engaging in a bit of intimate “you” time, the sexual energy—usually shared with another from the earth—comes through your body, the cosmos, and then back to you.

It is a cleansing of excess energy; a revitalization of your creativity and passion. The kernel of the creative resides within our sexual being; they are knotted together like lovers.

There is an ugly rumor floating around the spiritual realm that you only have so much sexual energy and creative resources. This has convinced many to give up seeking sexual fulfillment and instead reserve those resources for “higher” creativity. Yet, those same individuals believe in the unlimited energy of nature and the cosmos. 

The endless energy of creative cosmic power is what feeds that kernel. That boundless source is yours to draw upon; you only need to learn how to tap into it.

alessandra sagredo

Your creative and sexual source is not a bank, only holding so many “energy bucks,” but instead a river attached to an ocean—always bringing in more. The more we draw from that river, the more fresh energy can flow into us.

It is a beautiful cycle of rebirth in constant action.

Holding a poverty belief around your creative and sexual flow will create blocks, whereas free-living and sharing from this space will create a wealth of being.

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