Em(body)ing the Soul

Starting a (Self)Love Affair – Exercises

So how can we dive into this divine experience of self love – of knowing and loving ourselves with the passion that we (too) often merely direct to others in our life?

The key between entering a Love Affair with Yourself and the concept of self love: the intensity, the dedication, the curiosity, the primal passion and the sheer sexual connection.

When you wake up in the morning next to a lover/spouse/partner you would greet them with a warm smile and a “Good Morning”.  Try doing this to yourself; upon waking inwardly smile and welcome yourself to the new day.

Spend time getting to know the “I” within that is You.  Take yourself for coffee or relax in the park and have a chat with the inner you.  Bringing along a notebook or laptop can be a great way to do this, as you can allow yourself to “free write” (meaning getting the mind out of the way and just typing whatever is coming up as you talk with yourself) and it allows you to write down key thoughts and discoveries.  If you are challenged with how to get started, take a deep breath, focus on an area of life or experience and ask yourself a question (like you would a friend) e.g. “so what did I/You truly feel about (fill in situation)” or “what’s one of your/mine dream adventures?”

Enjoy physical activity that makes you feel free.  If you love to dance find a private room, turn on some music and seduce yourself into dancing.  Ask your body to move in any way that feel fantastic and admire yourself in the process.  If you like to cycle, invite yourself on a bike ride and be present, enjoying the company of “you” while savoring the way your body feels in momentum.

Explore what you truly look like and admire those features that stand out to you.  Instead of rushing through doing your make up, or brushing your hair as you hurry to get dressed, try actually seeing yourself in the mirror.  Get to know your face, your eyes, your body – appreciate what you see and allow yourself to be proud of it.

Make Love to Yourself.  Loving yourself physically as well as emotionally is a powerful way to enhance your self-worth while connecting more genuinely into your personal sexual self.  Even by merely caressing your own skin, running your hands over your thighs or delving further into the realm of self-seduction and experiencing how much pleasure you can bring to you, a shift will happen in your system that will create rippling effects in all parts of your life.

A Self Love Affair is a mind blowing relationship with you and one of your pathways to Soulgasms.  It will add fire to your energy, spark to life and create wondrous shifts within your relationships with others.  Give it a try and you may be shocked at how much you can really love…you.