Em(body)ing the Soul

330 Days of Yoga? – YES! I did!!!

As I pulled my yoga mat out this morning, I had a startling realization! I’ve been doing yoga (thanks to Yoga with Adriene ) for over 330 days straight!

If you are not familiar with the challenges I went through last year, take a moment to read about my experience, facing off with and overcoming brain cancer (a walnut sized was tumor growing in my brain).

This traumatic realization had me reaching for all the tools I could use to help me heal. And the Yoga with Adriene community (and Find What Feels Good app) made a huge difference for me. In fact, I will be making mention of this in my upcoming book Soulgasms, speaking to the benefit and incredible healing power of yoga! (and once again a shout out to Adriene Mishler, Benji and her team!) What an amazing gift they have given the planet!

A few other takeaways from my experience which can help anyone facing physical and emotional challenges can be found here.